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The Neurotwin team meets in 3D for the first time in Barcelona, are you going to miss it?

The Neurotwin Project started the 1st of January 2021, however, due to the exceptional cirsumstances occasionated by the Covid-19 pandemic is only in March 2022 that the Neurotwin team meets for the first time in Barcelona!

The team will share and brainstorm about the project development during the meeting, which will conclude with a Workshop organized by the Neurotwin coordination team!! The invited speakers expertise domain in combination with our consortium expertise will yield an excellent scientific output, are you going to miss it? Where? In Hotel Condes de Barcelona, in Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona. When? Plenary meeting: 16th-17th March 2022. Workshop: 18th March 2022. Agenda coming soon! Stay tuned!


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