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Symposium on Digital Twins for Healthcare

Updated: Jan 23

The DIGIPREDICT Consortium, with contributions from OPTOMICS, NEUROTWIN, and EDITH CSA is organising the First International Symposium on Digital Twins in Healthcare on 16-17 May 2024, Ayia Napa, Cyprus


The Symposium is calling for contributions across the following scientific, translational, and policy-making pillars:

  • Emerging Technologies for Digital Twins

  • Designing and building data and model repositories

  • Development, testing, and implementation of IT platform architectures combining computational advances, cybersecurity, cloud services, and edge infrastructure

  • Clinical Translation – Industrial Uptake, including standardization and interoperability

  • Ethical Considerations and Societal Adoption

  • Transformational Vision – Policy Creation and Implementation Towards Proactive Healthcare


Abstract Submission Deadline: February 23, 2024


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