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First Cross-project collaboration event - online the 17th of November 2021!

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The Neurotwin project is a complementary project to two additional EU Horizon 2020 projects: OPTOMICS (EU Grant No. 101017802) and DIGIPREDICT (Grant No. 101017915). Collaboratively with these complementary projects the Neurotwin project aims to increase public awareness and streamline the process of developing and ensuring the success of digital twin technologies. as is reflected by their inclusion in the EU Horizon 2020 FET PROACT Emerging Paradigms and Communities, Subtopic C: Digital Twins for the life-sciences. Accordingly, EPFL CIS has organized the first EPFL CIS Digital Twin Days on November 15 and 16.

Looking forward to top off the conference with the first Cross-Project Collaboration Meeting between @OPTOMICS2020, @DIGIPREDICT_EU, and @neurotwin! In this event the three projects involved in the collaboration will briefly introduce the project concept and consortium, new adventures are waiting !


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